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About us

DBT’s was launched in 2022

by David and Sarah Blake.

After many years working in illustration,

design and product development,

David decided to turn his hand to T-shirt’s.

An avid t-shirt wearer himself, David was after something stylish yet meaningful.

It needed to be very comfortable to wear, and of course

it had to be produced in the best quality organic fabrics.

We both have a passion for all things mindful and are very aware

that with today’s hectic lifestyle it’s all too easy to forget to take time out for yourself.

So, we wanted to create products that would act as gentle reminders to do just that-

to take a moment, to press pause, to re-boot your mind…

enabling you to feel good, live life to the full and enjoy every single moment!

We’re a brand built totally on our love for design and the idea that

what you wear says a lot about the type of person you are!

With that in mind we’re very proud to introduce you to the very first collection of DBT’s

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